Register for the Anti-Money Laundering Certified Associate (AMLCA)

Offered in English and Spanish 11/17/2022 to 2/15/2023


FIBA has been at the forefront in the identification and provision of AML Compliance education and training—focused especially on international financial institutions with correspondent banking activities, international private banking, and foreign trade transactions. These activities require financial institutions to be well informed about the global regulations that affect these high-risk businesses and those that are particularly vulnerable to money laundering and terrorist financing.

FIBA’s online courses are accessible through FIU Online’s Continuing & Professional Education platform, Canvas. Courses are developed with excellent instructional design, multimedia tools and discussion forums for participant interaction.

Professional accreditation developed and offered in partnership with FIU’s College of Business, Executive Education. FIU’s College of Business graduate programs are ranked #2 by Financial Times for advancement to a senior position after completion.

This advanced AML certification has been integrated in the curriculum of FIU’s College of Law Juris Master Program. All JM graduates successfully complete the CPAML certification as part of the overall program.

Welcome to the FIBA/FIU Scholarship Program!


FIBA is committed to supporting the education and professional development of future leaders in the financial industry. As part of this commitment, we are proud to announce the FIBA/FIU Scholarship, an initiative designed to empower current FIU students pursuing their AMLCA certification.

How It Works

  • Scholarship Amount: $795 awarded to FIU current students toward their AMLCA.
  • Final Cost: FIU students only pay $600.
  • Selection Process: No formal selection process is required—the student shares their current term schedule with the Academy.
  • Deadline: No deadline! FIU students are welcome to register for any of the AMLCA online courses offered every other month.

We understand the financial challenges students may face. Our scholarship aims to make professional certification more accessible by removing barriers and providing financial assistance. Our mission is to contribute to your academic and career success.

Ready to take the next step in your career journey? Register for the AMLCA online course today, share your FIU current term schedule with and unlock the benefits of the FIBA/FIU Scholarship.

Invest in your future with FIBA and FIU — where education meets opportunity.